This post originally appeared in The Scientist The amount of genetic variation between cancer patients is astounding. Two people diagnosed with cancer in the same organ may, in fact, have two very different diseases. Consequently, we are now in the middle of a transition: we no longer classify cancer based solely on its tissue of […]

By Adam Marcus, PhD This post originally appeared on the AACR Cancer Research Catalyst Blog and is intended for researchers Personalized oncology epitomizes the concept of interdisciplinary research where pathologists, bioinformaticians, oncologists, and biologists work together to identify and ultimately target drivers of the disease. We gather at tables to collaborate across disciplines and try to […]

This post originally appeared on the Advancing Your Health on 12/9/14 by Adam Marcus As a cancer researcher, I’ve delivered plenty of lectures, but nothing compares with a talk I gave in October to an audience of 500 strangers. My TEDx address focused on how the treatment and diagnosis of cancer is becoming more personal. […]

The movie Trading Places was an ’80s classic about two wealthy commodity brokers who make a bet. They wager on whether a homeless street hustler, played by Eddie Murphy, can become a successful commodity trader on Wall Street. One broker takes the side that nature is stronger and Mr. Murphy will fail, while the other […]

Each year in the United States we lose close to 600,000 people from cancer (source:American Cancer Society). This is almost the same number of deaths as there have been in all US war combat-related deaths combined (~850,000; source Wikipedia). Take a look at the graph below by the American Cancer Society  showing cancer death rates for a […]

I have a super huge, somewhat tattered, and quite ugly suitcase that sits in my office.  This suitcase is not packed with clothes or extra large toiletries, but contains a pretty cool microscope, computer, and some shipping foam. Every few weeks I wheel it into the hallway, then into the elevator, and eventually into my […]